Dispatch from the Desert:  July 6th thru 12th

African Saints (from the Prologue of Ohrid)

July 6thSisoes the Great (429)  He was a native Egyptian and disciple of Abba Anthony the Great.  After the death of the teacher, God had favor on his ascetic efforts and gave him the grace to perform miracles and drive away unclean spirits.  Fifty-four lessons in the Sayings of the Desert Fathers are attributed to him.

July 7thPantaenus (203) Confessor of Alexandria

July 9thMartyrs Patermuthius, Copres, and Alexander the Soldier (361) The Egyptian Copres was persuaded to worship idols rather than continue to be tortured by Emperor Julian the Apostate.  His elder countryman, Patermuthius, rebuked him and they both declared they belonged to Christ.  The emperor’s soldier, Alexander, was moved by their courage and declared himself a Christian as well.  All three were beheaded.

Monks Patermuthius & Copres (4th century) This Patermuthius was a robber and was about to pillage a home of a Christian woman.  However, he fell asleep and was warned in a dream not to commit the evil and repent.  He did so, was baptized, and became a monk.  He and Copres were known for working miracles.  Thirty-five lessons from the Lives of the Desert Fathers are attributed to them.   This may be the same Abba Copres with three lessons attributed to him in the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.

July 10th10,000 Fathers of Sketis (Egypt) martyred by Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria (398) The Patriarch falsely accused them of being heretics.  Their only crime was hiding the Priest Isidore.

July 12thSerapion the New (211) Martyred in Alexandria

sisoes the great

A Word from the Fathers & Mothers

Just as poisonous animals are chased away by more powerful poisons, so are impure thoughts chased away by prayer with stillness and fasting.  Ammah Theodora, from the Matericon

Are you dozing instead of listening attentively to the reading?  Abba Copres, from the Lives of the Desert Fathers

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