A Call to Renunciation and Watchfulness: Maroons & Monastics

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In the fourth century, many Christians fled to the deserts of northern Africa and the Middle East to escape worldly distractions and struggle against their temptations. Some were tired of the growing complacency that was creeping into the Church now that Christianity had become legal.  Others had…

July Meeting: Carthage and the Faith of Outsiders

The Brotherhood of St. Moses in Virginia met on July 24th at St. Basil Orthodox Church in Hampton to pray the Canon of Racial Reconciliation and a small Compline.  For a reflection of early African Christianity, I pointed to Carthage.  For those who forgot, or paid no attention in high school world history; Carthage was … More July Meeting: Carthage and the Faith of Outsiders

Evangelism Across Boundaries: A Welcoming Heart

Fr. Moses Berry, the president of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black, has often been asked for advice about sharing the Orthodox faith with African-Americans. He frequently responds, “You evangelize to blacks the same way you would to whites or anyone else.  You make them feel welcome in your parish.”  In this divisive and … More Evangelism Across Boundaries: A Welcoming Heart

A Proposal to Celebrate Saint Simon of Cyrene Day, February 27th

Originally posted on The Modern Monastic Order Of Saint Simon of Cyrene:
http://sandersonicons.com/Every March 17th, people of Irish ancestry lead the celebration of their patron, St. Patrick. For one day, we all wear something green, eat corned beef & cabbage, look for four-leafed clovers, and drink Irish beer & whiskey.  While we don’t honor him…