St. Moses of Ethiopia (the Black)

St. Moses of Ethiopia (the Black)

One of the well admired and venerated saints among all Orthodox Christians is St. Moses the Black.  Moses was a runaway slave who became a feared gang leader.  While in the process of seeking refuge and treasure in a monastery, he was struck by the welcome and hospitality of the monks.  Being convicted of his sinful ways, Moses repented of his ways and became a Christian.  Through humility, fasting, and prayer, he became a very revered monk known for his forgiveness and wisdom.  In one story, a monk had been found guilty of a great offense.  Moses was asked to help place judgement on him.  After refusing several times, Moses came to the gathering of the monks carrying a leaking basket of sand on his back.  When asked why he was carrying such a thing, Moses answered, “My sins that are behind me are running out and I can’t see them and you have called me to judge another?”  The monks forgave their brother upon hearing this wisdom.  Moses was martyred by a gang of thieves in 405 AD.  His legendary stories are told among Orthodox believers all over the world.  A full sized icon of St. Moses can be found at St. Cyprian of Carthage Orthodox Church (OCA) in Richmond.  For more on our patron saint, please visit:

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