The Need to Know

(The following is a rough manuscript of my presentation at St. Basil the Great (Antiochian) Orthodox Church in Hampton on Saturday, June 24th.  Somewhere in mid speech, I attempted to make some changes off the cuff.  Those who heard my talk say it was great.  Of course, I am my own worst critic.  A link to … More The Need to Know

The Desert Fathers: A Beacon for Evangelism

In his autobiography, Malcolm X stated that the Desert Fathers were the founders of Christian Church structure (1).  He also briefly mentioned St. Augustine as a defender of Church doctrine against heresy (2).  While Malcolm said these things specifically in is critique of white racism in Christianity, he does make an incidental point that should … More The Desert Fathers: A Beacon for Evangelism

From Martin to Macarius: A Weekend of Saintly Reflection

Martin Luther King, Jr.  is the closest person that African-Americans (no, all Americans) have to a canonized saint.  Like the holy men and women of old, he had his failures in his struggles against sin.  But, whatever those failures may have been, they do not detract from his leadership in the struggle for human dignity, … More From Martin to Macarius: A Weekend of Saintly Reflection

Reading The Ancient Apostolic Alternatives

There are a lot of titles being used in African-American churches these days.  It used to be the only black churches that had bishops were the AME and other Methodist, Episcopalians, and COGIC.  Today with the modern interpretations of the “Five Fold Ministry,” it is not uncommon to see apostles, prophets, and bishops in both … More Reading The Ancient Apostolic Alternatives