VA Orthodox Churches

This is list of  the parishes where members of the VABSMB regularly worship.  Let us know who you are and where you worship.  We invite non-Orthodox inquirers to participate as well.

St. Nicholas Ukrainian         Crozet/Charlottesville      Robert Carter

St. Basil Antiochian              Hampton                        John Gresham

St. Innocent   Bulgarian        Roanoke                          Sarah Motley

St. Cyprian (OCA)                Richmond                        Fr. David Arnold

Holy Myrrhbearers (ROCOR)  Harrisonburg          Nectarios Kanney

St. Andrews (OCA)            Ashland                             Fr. Adam Sexton

Links to Orthodox Churches in Virginia.   For more Eastern Orthodox Churches in the state and within driving distance  of your home, click here.   For information and locations of Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Churches, click here.  For a directory of Coptic Orthodox Churches, click here.  Please let us know where you worship so that we can add your church to the list.

ANT = Antiochian

ARM = Armenian

BUL = Bulgarian

CPT = Coptic

CRP = Carpatho-Russian

ETO = Ethiopian

GRK = Greek

IMO = Indian Malankara

OCA = Orthodox Church of America

ROC = Russian Orthodox Church Outside Of Russia

ROM = Romanian

SOC = Syriac Orthodox Church

SRB = Serbian

UKR = Ukrainian

All Saints                     OCA             Alexandria

Hamere Nohe             ETO              Alexandria

Kidist Selassie             ETO            Alexandria

Ledeta Mariam             ETO            Alexandria

St Aphraim                   SOC             Alexandria

Fenote Tsadek            ETO             Arlington

St Mary                       IMO               Ashburn                      

St Moses                     CPT             Ashburn                      

St Andrew’s                 OCA             Ashland

St Mary’s                     CRP             Bluefield, WV             

St Raphael                  ANT              Chantilly                     

Holy Transfiguration    GRK             Charlottesville            

St Nicholas                  UKR            Charlottesville            

St Peter                       GRK             Danville

Orthodox Parrish        GRK             Dulles                         

St Katherine                GRK             Falls Church               

St Mary                       OCA             Falls church               

St Mark                       CPT              Farifax

Nativity Theotokos      GRK            Fredericksburg

St Basil                        ANT            Hampton

St George                   CPT             Hampton                    

Holy Myrrhbearers      ROC            Harrisonburg

St George                   GRK             Lynchburg

Holy Trinity                  ANT              Lynchburg

St Cyrill&Methodious    OCA             Mc Lean

St Luke                        OCA/SRB    Mc Lean

Nativity of our Lord     CPR              Manassas

St John Rila                OCA/BUL      Manassas

Holy Myrrbearers        CPR              Moyock, NC               

St Constatine&Helen GRK              Newport News

Annunciation               GRK             Norfolk                                   

Dormition of the Theotokos OCA          Norfolk

Ethiopian Pwahedo     ETO          Norfolk                                   

St Mary                       ROM            Norfolk                       

St Maximos                 BUL             Palmyra

St James                     CRP           Pamplin                  


Holy Trinity                  OCA            Reston                        

An. Michael& St Anthony  CPT              Richmond                  

St Constantine&Helen  GRK            Richmond                  

St Cyprian                   OCA            Richmond

St James                     ARM            Richmond                  

St Innocent                  BUL             Roanoke

St Philoxenus             SOC             Roanoke

Tidewater Armenian Community     ARM     Seaford

St Herman                  ROC            Stafford

St Mary & John           CPT             Staunton                     

St Joseph of Optina    ROC            VA Beach                   

St Nicholas                  GRK            VA Beach

Syrian of Virginia      SOC             VA Beach

St Patrick                    ANT             Warrenton                  

Holy Family                 ROC           Woodstock

Dormition of Mary       ROC           Winchester                 

St Demetrios                GRK          Williamsburg              

St Mary                       CPT              Yorktown                    

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