Marketplace: Books, Icons, and Others

St. Moses written by Fr. Jerome Sanderson (Damascene Gallery)

Finding out information about Orthodoxy from an African, or African-American perspective can be a challenge. Often, local parish bookstores may not have certain books and icons. National chains barely have anything about Orthodox Christianity at all. This page has links to things you may find useful on your journey as a serious inquirer, catechist, and brother & sister in the Church.

BOOKS: Fellowship of St. Moses the Black – Featuring the classics from Nun Katherine Weston and Hieromonk Alexi Altschul to recent offerings from Fr. Paul Abernathy and Deacon John Gresham. Be sure to visit this site for revised text, prayers, and new authors.

Ancient Faith Store – One of the widest selections of Orthodox Christian literature from ancient classics to contemporary authors. They offer a variety of gifts as well.

Park End Books – A source for up and coming Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Liturgical Protestant writers.


Saints of Africa (Fr. Jerome Sanderson) – Damascene Gallery

Saint Moses the Black – Damascene Gallery, Legacy Icons, St Moses Bookstore, UK Coptic Icons, Trinity Stores, Fintaxsec

Saint Maurice of Thebes – UK Coptic Icons,

Saints Perpetua & Felicity – Trinity Stores, Uncut Mountain Supply, Esty

Theotokos – Hellenic Art,, Orthodox