Dispatch from the Desert:  April 20th thru 26th

African Saints (from the Prologue of Orhid)

April 20th:  Athanasius of Mount Sinai (685)  Succeeded John Climacus as Abbot of the Mt. Sinai Monastery.  Known as an instructor against heretical teaching.

April 22nd:  Leonidas of Alexandria (202)  The father of Origen.  His son encouraged him being martyred, “Father, do not concern yourself over us and do not avoid martyrdom because of us.”

April 25th:  Mark the Apostle & Evangelist (68)  Born into a Jewish family in Egypt.  Mark was one of the 70 Apostles in Luke 10:1-24 and accompanied Paul and Peter in the spread of the Gospel.  He wrote his account of the Gospel and left Rome for the Babylon of Egypt and Alexandria.  He established the Church in Africa ordaining clergy in Egypt and Libya.  Both the Coptic and Eastern Patriarchate of Alexandria are descended from this Apostle.  He was martyred by being dragged to death by a horse drawn chariot.

Anianus, Second Bishop of Alexandria (86)  He was a shoe-maker that painfully wounded himself with a needle.  The Apostle Mark healed and preached the Gospel to him.  He was very devout and was consecrated bishop of Alexandria.

April Dispatch image one

 A Word from the Fathers & Mothers

“The work of God is:  first, stillness; second, silence; third, prayer, chanting Psalms and kneeling; fourth reading; fifth, tears; sixth, remembrance of God and of death; and seventh, blessed humility.  You cannot acquire these virtues unless you completely reject all earthly cares, even if you are able to resurrect the dead.”  Abbes Matrona, from the Matericon

“Prayer is the seed of gentleness and the absence of anger.  Prayer is the remedy for grief and depression.”  Abba Nilus, from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers

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