Dispatch from the Desert: November 2nd thru 8th

African Saints (from the Prologue of Ohrid)

November 3 Elias of Egypt (4th/5th century) Perhaps the same Abba Elias with 8 lessons in the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.  He lived among the rocks near Antinoe, a city in Upper Egypt (Lower Nubia).  He was hearaled for his asceticism and healing.  Abba Elias reposed at 110  years old.

November 5 Gregory (9th century)  Patriarch of Alexandria

A Word from the Fathers & Mothers

“Guard your mind from evil thoughts concerning your neighbors, knowing that the demons put them there, aiming to blind you to your own sins and prevent you from directing yourself toward God.”  Abba Elias, from the Prologue of Orhid

“Fasting humbles the body, vigils cleanse the mind, prayer unites us with God.”  Ammah Theodora, from the Matericon

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