Dispatch from the Desert: October 5th thru 11th

African Saints (from the Prologue of Ohrid)

October 5     Dionysius (265) Born into a pagan family in Alexandria and a student of Origen.  Dionysius became the Bishop of Alexandria in 247 during a time of great persecution having to encouage his flock to hold firm against false teaching. 

October 8     Thais(Taisia) (340)  She was a constant fornicator until she met Paphnutius the Sindonite.  He gave her a gold coin and she thought he wanted a sexual favor.  Once in her room, the Abba denounced her sins and she repented in deep sincerity and much tears.  Thais sold her goods and moved to a convent.  After three years of ascetic living, her soul rested in paradise.  Abba Paul the Simple had a vision of her there. 

October 9     Andronicus & Athanasia (5th century)  Andronicus was a goldsmith who lived in Antioch with his wife, Athanasia.  They would live off of one third of their incom with One third going to the poor and another to the Church.  After the death of their two sons and a vision confirming they were in the kingdom of God, the couple decided to live as monastics in Egypt, Andronicus to Sketis and Athanasia to Tabennisi. 

Demetrius  (231) He served as the Bishop of Alexandria, the eleventh after St. Mark the Evangelist. 

A Word from the Fathers & Mothers

“According to nature I am a woman, but not according to my thoughts.”  Amma Sarah, from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers

“Whoever wishes to drive out the demons must first master the passions.”  Abba Pityrion, from the Lives of the Desert Fathers

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