Dispatch From The Desert: February 10th thru 16th

African Saints (from the Prolouge of Orhid)

  • Eugene & Mary [Marius] of Alexandria ( Feb. 12) This father and daughter became monks with the girl disguised and named as a boy. An inkeeper’s daughter was infactuated with the young monk and when she became pregnant by another man, she claimed Marius as the father. Rather than reveal her true identity, Mary was banished to a grove outside of the monastery and raised the child for three years as it’s mother went insane. Mary died in 508 and only then did the other monks discover Marius was really a woman. The innkeeper’s daughter was restored to her senses when she admitted her sin.
  • Timothy (Feb. 13), Archbishop of Alexandria. Died in 385
  • Peter (Feb. 14), Patriarch of Alexandria. Died in 380
  • Paphnuntius & Euphrosyne (Feb. 15), Father and daughter monk and nun of Alexandria in the 5th century


A Word from the Fathers & Mothers

“First do and then teach, according to the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Venerable Isdore of Pelusium (Feb. 4)


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