King-Lincoln Park: Recapturing a Sense of Renewal

A Beach Keeper's Journal

At the very end of Jefferson Avenue in Newport News is a diamond. A place that shined with great spiritual hope for African-Americans during segregation.  Pinkett’s Beach at King-Lincoln Park was one of few places black people could go and enjoy the water on a hot summer’s day.  This humble stretch of sand has been greatly ignored once when the larger and more scenic beaches were open to everyone.  On a visit to the park, I had a chance to see and ponder the renewal of the past and present.


Pickett’s beach was doomed to be abandoned as a popular swimming destination. It’s size and that of the park pales in comparison to Buckroe in nearby Hampton.  Virginia Beach offers a plethora of amusements and restaurants as opposed to the east end’s industrial buildings and housing projects.  Even Norfolk’s Ocean View has a larger pier and has the view of…

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