The Second St. Moses Symposium

Two years ago, the Virginia Chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black was born.  We were blessed to have Sub-deacon (now Father Deacon) Paul Abernathy as the speaker for our first St. Moses Symposium.  I am not sure why we didn’t have the event in 2015.  But, we have the ball rolling again!

St Moses 2016 Symposium flyer

On my way from the Ancient Faith & African American Conference last year, Fr. Jerome asked me to consider inviting members of the board to speak at a state conference.  I am very happy that I have asked and received acceptance from one of the wisest men I have had the pleasure of meeting.  He has a wealth of knowledge about the Desert Fathers and the influence African saints had and still have in the Orthodox Church.  In our racially and politically fractured society, I expect he will bring a word of truth and reconciliation that is often lacking in many areas.

This will also be an opportunity for people to visit St. Basil Orthodox Church.  We have been busy for quite some time renovating our building by our own labor.  Not only do we have a structure, but we have a family of a variety of Eastern Europeans, Ethiopians, and African Americans.  We invite all to “come and see” an Orthodox Christian congregation first hand.  We also invite our Orthodox brothers and sisters from all jurisdictions to “come and see” our state and national efforts to fulfill the commission of our Lord to make disciples of all nations.

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