Open House of Prayer

The Modern Monastic Order Of Saint Simon of Cyrene

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On the first Sunday of December, 2013, I saddened and surprised many of you when I announced that I was leaving the Baptist pulpit and Protestant Christianity.  To make the shock even more unbelievable, I converted to Orthodox Christianity; a faith that very few whites were exposed to, far fewer we blacks.  The dust has long settled and most of you are at peace knowing that I am still a devout Christian.  Perhaps you have some questions about my beliefs and practices.  Perhaps you wanted to ask, but wasn’t sure how to catch up with me.  I am offering you a chance to converse, visit, and pray with me.

On Tuesdays, you are welcome to observe and pray with me as I observe my Vespers prayer rule at 6 pm.  It is a simple order of prayer based on the Gospels and Psalms.  After the prayer…

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