Reconciliation On Wealth and Poverty: Jacob’s Soldierly Comfort

Shall I show you another bed?  I mean Jacob’s.  He had bear ground underneath him and a stone under his head.  For this reason, he saw the spiritual Rock and the ladder where the angels were ascending and descending.  St. John Chrysostom, First Sermon on Lazarus and the Rich Man Jacob was a deceiver who … More Reconciliation On Wealth and Poverty: Jacob’s Soldierly Comfort

Looking Beyond “The Other” to “One Another”

I was blessed to give a talk on Orthodoxy and Racial Reconciliation at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Virginia Beach. A greater blessing came from the sermon preached by Fr. John Manuel who expressed the deep need for Christians to look beyond differences of race and class to love each other with open hearts. … More Looking Beyond “The Other” to “One Another”

Of Carver and Rose

I suppose putting these two men together in an image is a bit of a curiosity.  One was born a slave and became one of the world’s most famous scientist.  The other was an academic with a promising future that he left behind and became one of Orthodoxy’s most heralded modern monks.  As different as … More Of Carver and Rose