A Home for White Nationalist?

Originally posted on The Modern Monastic Order Of Saint Simon of Cyrene:
An African-American Orthodox Christian shared this article with me; “How the Orthodox Christianity Became the Spiritual Home of White Nationalism” (http://religiondispatches.org/how-orthodox-christianity-became-the-spiritual-home-of-white-nationalism/?platform=hootsuite). Much of the writing focused on the example of Matthew Heimbach, who was excommunicated by the Antiochian Orthodox Church for his racist activities.…

Reconciliation: Ambassadors of the Greater Kingdom

Tomorrow is the end of the road (I hope) to the most contentious presidential campaign of my lifetime.  Many things have already been said about both of the major party candidates, the question of why third parties are not given an equal public platform, and how some groups will respond if the results do not … More Reconciliation: Ambassadors of the Greater Kingdom

Reconciliation: Consistency over Complacency

Recently, the VABSMB and St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church have started praying Compline and the Canon of Racial Reconciliation on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm.  A half hour of prayer is not the same as getting out in the streets to protest, or lobbying a legislature.  While no town is perfect, Williamsburg’s racial climate is … More Reconciliation: Consistency over Complacency

St. Moses Conference: Advice from the Bishop

The 23rd  Annual Conference fo the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black was held  at the Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church in Indianapolis last weekend.  I had a lively drive with Sarah Motley and Johanna Hargraves from Charlottesville.  I was excited to be there serving as a member of the National Board and one … More St. Moses Conference: Advice from the Bishop

Looking Beyond “The Other” to “One Another”

I was blessed to give a talk on Orthodoxy and Racial Reconciliation at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Virginia Beach. A greater blessing came from the sermon preached by Fr. John Manuel who expressed the deep need for Christians to look beyond differences of race and class to love each other with open hearts. … More Looking Beyond “The Other” to “One Another”

St Moses Weekend: Reconciliation by the Pursuit of God and Christian Humanity

There are so many things to be divided over this year.  The arguments about the Black Lives Matter movement, whether or not it is disrespectful not to stand and salute the American flag when the National Anthem is played, Clinton vs. Trump; you would think that an African-American priest would speak from the topic of … More St Moses Weekend: Reconciliation by the Pursuit of God and Christian Humanity

My Wife Came Home

When I decided to leave the Baptist church and convert to Orthodoxy, my wife was understandably concerned. First, there was the loss of income we would suffer as I would be leaving my pastoral salary.  I would have to be Orthodox for at least five years to be considered for ordination to the priesthood and … More My Wife Came Home